Chaos Over PS5 Sales at Tokyo Retailer

The PlayStation 5 was released last November, but months later, it’s still difficult to catch one, especially in Japan. Earlier today, the Yodobashi Camera electric mega store in Akihabara, one of the largest in the country, sold a large PS5 shipment. People started pushing and pushing, landing on a Yodobashi officer with an estimated stack of 300 tickets to buy the PS5.

As Twitter’s AJapaneseDream points out, the Akihabara location is apparently just one of two Yodobashi Cameras in the greater Tokyo-Yokohama area that does not require the retailer to purchase the hardware of the black credit card. Apparently it’s a requirement to block sellers.

Moreover, contrary to the past, the store was offering tickets with numbered first come first served. In the past, to prevent the console from rolling, the retailer provided lottery numbers for the chance to buy the hardware.

This created the perfect opportunity for those looking to buy or even resell a PS5 for themselves.

Note that the Japanese government is currently declaring a state of emergency due to the new coronavirus. Tokyo has the highest number of cases in the country.

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