McDonald’s Adds Pokémon Cards to Happy Meals

Considering what could be one of the promotional events for Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, McDonald’s might be bringing Pokémon toys and Pokémon cards back to Happy Meals.

The leak is caused by the fan site PokéJungle. They keep their fingers on the button for anything related to Pokémon like tea sets, official artwork, cute toys, sculptures, updates for games. There’s a sticker book for starters, cute new cards depicting Pikachu, and a photo that looks like some kind of cardboard insert in a larger box.

While McDonald’s and The Pokémon Company have not commented on this collaboration, it is incredibly exciting that Pokémon Trading Card Game cards are available on Happy Meals. The game has recently experienced a huge resurgence in popular culture and this will attract even more gamers. Earlier this month, it overturned the Blastoise Charizard, making it the most expensive card of all time, selling the series for $ 360,000 due to its historical significance. And an artist created the biggest and heaviest Pokémon Swap Playing Card, drawing and painting on a cork board.

At the top of the photo shared by PokéJungle are the outline of Pikachu’s face and a red “5” where his rosy red cheeks should be. This is undoubtedly the brand for 25th-anniversary celebrations, and we should soon hear of Pokémon’s return to McDonald’s. The only thing we don’t know at the moment is whether this promotion will take place outside of the USA.

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