Ninja Says Parents Should Teach Their Kids About Racism

Twitch superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has argued that it’s not his job to teach admiring kids about things like racism and white privilege.

In an extensive interview with The New York Times, Blevins was asked what he can do to help reduce toxicity in online gaming. One question touched on Ninja’s role in controlling the language used in chat during streams, and this can often get ugly. Blevins explained that everything depends on parenthood, carefully shedding any responsibility for the way fans speak during their streams.

The publisher added that he thinks video games are not just guilty, but that it is part of wider internet culture, people dare to say horrible things under the veil of anonymity.

Blevins had to apologize for saying the N-word on the air more than once. As one of the most popular actors on the planet, admired and modeled by millions of children, perhaps he should do a little more to condemn ordinary racism.

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