Dead Matter: The Most Realistic Open World Zombie Game

If you’re looking for a super realistic zombie survival simulator, Dead Matter might be the game for you. The massive ambitious project first appeared on Kickstarter over three years ago. After a few delays, developer QI Software seems ready to release the first closed alpha to players.

As reported by PCGamesN, Dead Matter is described by QI Software as a rogue-lite that aims to quench the community’s thirst for a game that properly balances survival mechanisms with satisfying gameplay. The open world of the game takes place in a version of Alberta, Canada that has been invaded by its fully immortal armies.

Check out the in-depth development vlog below to see how Dead Matter works.

First released as a mod for Crysis 2 in 2013, Dead Matter has been a passion project for QI Software. Over the years, the game just seems to have gotten more ambitious. First-person survival horror invites players to enjoy the game as they please and survive as long as they can, whether it means going alone or teaming up with friends and other survivors.

You will spend most of your time traveling the world, hunting for food, gathering supplies, and avoiding live food, usually by zombies. But what sets Dead Matter apart from the crowd is the sheer simulation and level of detail promised by QI Software. Weapons, vehicles and characters are fully customizable and can be changed in a wide variety of ways. You can even set up a base and start your settlement from any building you see in the game (if you’ve cleared it of potential enemies).

Dead Matter also has a fairly unique medical system where players have to track and deal with any ailments. Blood pressure, blood loss, bites, scratches, and broken bones will all need to be looked after individually, so stay safe there. You will also need to be prepared for storms, blizzards and heat waves that can strike at any given moment.

Other features include farming, hunting, gathering mod support. While we shouldn’t expect all of these in the closed alpha, these are the goals QI Software wants to hit when building something that could be the ultimate zombie survival game. The studio is already sending off alpha codes to its supporters, so hopefully we’ll see a lot more Dead Matter action in the next few weeks.

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