GameStop Announces PS5 and Xbox Series X Stocks

GameStop announced that the PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch, which will be released tomorrow, will be restocked. Currently, the release of this particular stock of new hardware has not been announced, and this is unlikely to change. In fact, the retailer isn’t even talking about giving customers advance notice, instead of saying that it will alert customers via social media when the stock is live. Not only are details about when the stock will be released are scarce, it is also unclear whether they will all come out at the same time. Moreover, it looks like the stock will be limited to packs. In other words, if you are only hoping to buy the PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Nintendo Switch and only the hardware, this stock may not be for you.

Also not disclosed is how much stock is available. The retailer points out that each piece of hardware will be limited in number, but that’s what it says each time.

Regardless, you can be sure that stocks will disappear within minutes. This has happened not only with every GameStop replenishment but also with every restock at every retailer. Not only is the demand for all these items extremely high, scalpers and sellers are also missing stock, with bots capable of placing thousands of orders within minutes. While the Scalpers’ reign of terror seems to be coming to an end, they are currently still in stock on every PS5 and Xbox Series X. They shouldn’t be an issue with the Nintendo Switch, but the demand for this hardware is also high, so it’s out of stock for weeks.

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