Another Lawsuit Filed Against CD Projekt

Another class-action lawsuit was filed against CD Projekt. The statement was made by the target company CD Projekt, saying that they have received the lawsuit.

This makes 2 lawsuits with the first one which was filed not so long ago, if you want to know details about that one, check this article out. It basically was filed because of misinformation of the game’s state in last-gen consoles.

CD Projekt stated that they will do what it takes to protect themselves, the same statement was made when the first lawsuit was filed. For details, you may check this article out.

The release of Cyberpunk 2077 was a huge success and an enormous disaster at the same time for CD Projekt. After a launched investigation and a class-action lawsuit, we now have another lawsuit against the company. And the agency which carries on the investigation can cut off up to 10% of the company’s income.

We will let you know with new details as soon as they will arrive.

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