NPC Patent Application From Take-Two Interactive

A patent filed by Take-Two Interactive was found recently, around 1 year later, and published on Reddit. It features a brand new NPC navigation system, indicating details such as vehicle routes and NPC behavior. You can see the Reddit post below.

The patent is credited to David Hynd and Simon Parr. This system is made for things such as “creating a realistic virtual world that is not limited by hardware and software limitations.” More details are given as well, “While traversing road nodes, each NPC can define its own specific characteristics for traversing the road nodes. These characteristics and parameters can define the distinction between vehicle types/models that have various speed restrictions and benefits.”

This new system for NPCs can possibly be used for GTA VI, but that may not be 100% correct. It could be for another project that we don’t even know of yet. Actually, Rockstar did not share any details about their upcoming games and all we see is leaks and stuff like this. Although this may be frustrating, at least GTA Online keeps on getting updates that will entertain players.

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