You Can Buy an F-15 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

A third-party developer team is preparing an F-15 Eagle plug-in for Microsoft Flight Simulator. YouTuber Obsidian Ant has tried it and says it may be ready for consumers on January 18. You can watch the test flight above and on YouTube.

F-15 attachment with four variants of the iconic fourth-generation tactical fighter, including F-15C (air superiority), D (combat-capable trailer), E (Strike Eagle) and I (a variant used by the Israel Defense Forces) will come together. While virtual pilots will be able to select and load ammunition, it is unclear whether you will fire the weapons and drop other types of charges.

While the F-15 can reach Mach 2.5 (roughly 2,000 mph), the developers of the plugin say Microsoft Flight Simulator currently has a hurdle to avoid it. Polygon contacted Asobo Studio to learn more about this. Regardless, the developers say if this barrier is removed, nothing prevents players from reaching these speeds.

As Microsoft Flight Simulator hits the Xbox Series X this summer, it’s unclear how third-party add-ons like this will move to the new console. Obsidian Ant adds that this is not a working-level simulation of what it’s like to fly a warplane. For this, flight simulator fans will want to stick to platforms like DCS World.

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