Enjoy This ‘Lamar Roasts Franklin’ Remake

Ever heard of the term “yee yee ass”? You probably did if you are familiar with terms or played Grand Theft Auto V back in the day. It’s being used in a scene where Lamar roasts Franklin about his haircut.

Recently, it’s been a popular meme and the characters may change depending on the meme. It’s mostly Lamar being any other game character while Franklin keeps on getting roasted, but by different people.

You can see the original version of the meme below, the video has been uploaded on November 14, 2014:

Now let’s see a meme where Lamar is replaced by Chop, Franklin’s dog:

Credit: Merfish

This is actually hilarious, when I saw the video for the first time I laughed so hard.

Now we have a new version for the meme, and it’s the real-life version of ‘Lamar Roasts Franklin’ made by voice actors from Grand Theft Auto V:

Just wow… The video is a very faithful remake of the original scene from the game. It’s accurate with all the details in it, this is truly a real-life version of the scene ‘Lamar Roasts Franklin’. I mean, they were the ones who were behind the scenes after all.

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