New Indiana Jones Game on Its Way With Cooperation Between Bethesda and Lucasfilm Games

A new game for Indiana Jones is coming with a huge partnership deal. MachineGames along with Bethesda will be working with Lucasfilm Games in the project. It will be a standalone game and will be executive produced by Todd Howard, Bethesda Game Studios director.

Bethesda tweeted about the project, sharing the news with their fans.

See the video above? In a blog post, it is said that the video may have some hidden clues. There is basically almost no information on the game, no release date or platform indication.

Since Microsoft owns Bethesda now, the game might be an Xbox exclusive. Still, there is no official statement on the matter. But probably we will be getting the game for Xbox Game Pass since a lot of Bethesda games have been included in the Game Pass after Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda.

We had an article about the rebranding of Lucasfilm Games yesterday, looks like they are already on their way.

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