Gamer Accidentally Convinces Sister to Name Her Children After a Pokémon

A gamer was on a trip with his family, and there was a discussion going on about his sister’s kid’s name. Meanwhile, the guy was playing Pokémon Sword on his Nintendo Switch. The discussion was going on, ideas flowing around.

The discussion came to a point where people insisted on the name starting with the letter Z, and with pure coincidence, Bladehuraska -the nickname of the guy in the story- just caught Zacian with a quick ball in Pokémon Sword.

“Hey, Zacian is a kool name. It means sword in Japanese” he said, but the last part might not be correct. His family loved the name and it’s official. I mean the name is cool, but some of them don’t know the origin of the name yet.

In case you wanna see the whole story the Reddit post is down below.

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