Pogchamp Emote Is Removed By Twitch

On January 6th, Capitol Hill has been breached by protesters and it caused injuries, detentions, and even deaths. Twitch has removed the ‘Pogchamp’ emote because the person in the emoji has promoted violence in the Capitol Hill protests.

Ryan ‘Gootecks’ Gutierrez tweeted about the protests and he supported a continuation of protests which will lead to more violence and consequences.

“Will there be civil unrest for the woman who was executed inside the Capitol today or will the #MAGAMartyr die in vain?” tweeted Gutierrez.

Twitch has removed the Pogchamp emoji after the statement, announcing it on its Twitter page:

Twitch also stated that they are working on a new emote for the community to express themselves for most hype moments, but nothing is clear as of now.

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