‘GTA VI’ Leak Found In Red Dead Redemption II Files

Recent leaks in Red Dead Redemption II files show that we could have ‘GTA VI’ in a 1980s setting. Even though nothing is official and some people may say the opposite of these claims, these assumptions are backed on the leaked files.

User DerekLeet in the GTA forum searched through the files of Red Dead Redemption II, the latest game from Rockstar Games. And what they found was weapon assets, and those weapons are way too brand new for a game like Red Dead Redemption II but outdated for a game like GTA V.

The weapons which were found in the files are Browning, L1AL, and AK-47. DerekLeet said those weapons are too new to be in Red Dead Redemption II, but too old to be in a game like GTA V as well. DerekLeet also pointed out the fact that AK-47’s preferred name in GTA V is “W_AR_ASSAULTRIFLE” when this one is labeled as “W_AR_AK47”.

Some say they are from GTA V anyway when others say those weapons are different than the ones we see in GTA V, a hell of a discussion is going on. You can check the counter-arguments on this idea in the thread here.

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