Free Games for January 2021 in Xbox Live Gold are Revealed

With 2020 being almost over, Microsoft revealed the list of free games in Xbox Live Gold for January 2021, you can use the service if you own an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Series S and you can redeem your 4 free games of this month after subscription.

Here is the list for January 2021 free games with their timeline of availability:

  • Little Nightmares($19.99 ERP) | January 1 – 31
  • Dead Rising($19.99 ERP) | January 16 – February 15
  • The King of Fighters XIII($29.99 ERP) | January 1 – 15
  • Breakdown($9.99) | January 16 – 31

If you are already subscribed to the service, why not give them a try? You may get results that you don’t expect, or one of those games will be one of your favorites. Make sure to grab them just in case you get the urge to play them sometime later!

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