PlayStation Owns The Title of Most Selling Console Brand Ever

Playstation is officially the best-selling home console according to Guinness World Records, looks like most of the people all around the world likes PlayStation more than other rivaling brands.

It was reported that PS4 sold 102.8 million units, surpassing PS’s count of 102.5 million. But far away from going past the count of PS2, 159 million. But the 3rd gen kind of fell back when looking at these records, still an impressive number of 87.5 million, surpassing Xbox 360 with 35 million.

As we can see, PlayStation has first 3 places for a best-selling home console, this is a great success, and well earned. The certificate was given to Sony CEO Jim Ryan and former CEO Ken Kutaragi, showing the victory of Sony on the matter.

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