3rd Game of Left 4 Dead is Franchise Absolutely Loved By Gamers

It’s been a great couple of days with Back 4 Blood closed Alpha, the third game in the Left 4 Dead franchise. Gamers probably can’t even get out of their computers while playing this new game made by Turtle Rock Studios, the developer company of Left 4 Dead. It used to be a studio under Valve since it was bought but re-founded in 2011.

Even though the game is still in development the game looks amazing, and it’s anticipated by almost every gamer. It will get better and better as the development continues. A large variety of weapons, hard to stop zombie hordes, and of course, the ability to play with friends makes this title perfect.

Here you can see gameplay of the game in live stream of YouTuber NoahJ456:

Some players may have encountered some glitches and issues but hey, let’s remember that the game is in the closed Alpha stage alright?

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