KFC Announces KFConsole

Introducing KFConsole, a tiny computer from the fast-food chain that can run games in 4K resolution 240 frames per second and keep your chicken warm in a special “Chicken Room”.

Oddly, KFC collaborated with Cooler Master, a hardware manufacturer that specializes in CPU coolers and cooling pads, to create the machine aimed at keeping your chicken warm, but it got results. The unique cooling system prevents the correct flow of heat and air into the chamber while keeping the rest of the console cool.

KFConsole runs on the Intel Nuc 9 extreme compute element, allowing the machine to focus on delivering fluid performances at the expense of usable space. It has two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs at your disposal, so it has a lot more storage space than the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. I guess the only downside to this is it’s not clear whether it’s storage or not. It initially has an Asus GPU, but this can be changed to the GPU you want.

“We are delighted to give fans exactly what they want, making KFConsole a reality,” said Mark Cheevers, PR, and Social Media Lead KFC UK & Ireland. “We all know that console warfare is brutal, but we rely heavily on KFConsole as our flagship entry. This machine can run high-end games and, on top of that, keep your food warm for fun. If they want any tips on how to design, they can contact us.”

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