Discord Raises Its Value Up To $7 Billion

Discord has raised $100 million more in funding and has a value of $7 billion right now. This means Discord surpasses some of the gaming corporations in the race of value.

With numbers of new users signing up on the platform, Discord managed to raise $100 million from investors. It’s an app where you can connect with your friends and chat while gaming, it even has overlay support for games, so when you are playing a game you can see who is talking at that moment when your overlay is on.

With this value, Discord surpasses 2K($3.22 billion) and Capcom($3.44 billion) and the list goes on. Maybe we will see days when Discord surpasses EA(~$22 billion), who knows?

COVID-19 pandemic made Discord a crucial platform for people to keep in touch, this matter probably also helped Discord to be in the place they are in right now.

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