“Steam” Hits New Concurrent User High at 24.7M

Steam reached a new height today with 24,776,635 players, surpassing the previous concurrent users per SteamDB watch site. This new high was set in March of this year as the use of Steam increased with global home stay rules due to the coronavirus outbreak. This increase is probably more complex, but the start of the winter season, the revised rules in some countries, and the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 could all contribute. Cyberpunk alone boasted over a million concurrent Steam users earlier this week.

The growing popularity of CS: GO also contributes a significant share. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive first broke 1 million players with a peak of 1.2 million in March and fell at the same pace, but average player numbers remained much higher than past totals throughout the year. It is now steadily climbing back towards the 1 million average player level.

Unlike registrations set earlier this year, the number of players registered by Steam in-game is significantly lower than in March. While 8.1 million players were in the game in March, only 7.1 million players were at the top today. It’s unclear why this happens, but some players prefer not to report the game they are playing to the network.

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