Scientists are Trying to Figure Out Why Some Gamers Invert Their Controls

A group of scientists, who changed their interests for studies to online stuff due to coronavirus, are beginning to research why some gamers decide to play with inverted controls, unlike the ones who play it normally.

Sourced from The Guardian states that Dr. Jaap Munneke and Dr. Jennifer Corbett from the Visual Perception and Attention Lab at Brunel University, London, are looking for volunteers to contribute experiments “running remote behavioral and psychophysical experiments” made to examine how “an individual’s visual perceptual abilities may affect how they interact with both real and virtual environments”.

To explain it basically, they’re looking for whether if something’s there that determines why people would decide to play with inverted controls, and whether that same tendency is also reflected somewhere else in their lives.

“Most research focuses on how people pay attention to individual objects, but humans can’t really process more than a few details at once,” Corbett states, he also refers “There’s a gaping hole in our knowledge regarding how our visual perception is heavily dependent on the rest of this vast majority of sensory information. Being able to predict how a person will interact within a given environment or context can bring about monumental advancements in technology.”

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