PS5 Owners Take Advantage of a Loophole to Sell Their PS Plus Collection to PS4 Owners

It turns out that PS5 owners are taking advantage of a loophole to sell the PlayStation Plus Collection to PS4 owners.

PS Plus subscribers who own PS5 get the stunning PS Plus Collection as a bonus. It is a new curated series of 20 PS4 games available for digital download. There are some big names on the list such as Bloodborne, Days Gone, God of War, and Uncharted 4.

As VGC reported, it didn’t take long for PS5 owners to discover and use a loophole on their PS5 that allowed them to log into a PS4 owner’s account, which unlocks Collection games for use on the PS4.

Inevitably, PS5 owners are selling this unlocking service on auction sites. A listing on eBay offers the lock-unlock for $ 30. The advertisement description says “For those who want to access the games and only have PS4 and no PS5 access.”

There are similar lists on the Canadian kijiji site and Craigslist, all of which vary by price. One of the lists says, “If you need these games but don’t have a PS5, I can help.”

One person reportedly earned more than £ 100, paying more than 20 people five to unlock the PS Plus Collection on their PS4. Of course, this is not the way Sony intended to use the PS Plus Collection, and there are reports of bans now coming into effect. A Hong Kong-based Twitter user claimed that thousands of PSN accounts were banned in the region precisely for this reason.

Some PS5 users who shared their PS Plus Collection with a single friend expressed concern that they might get caught in a banwave. Sony has not commented yet.

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