The Gorgeous Mustache of Mark Wahlberg’s Uncharted’s Sully

Mark Wahlberg said “Don’t ask … don’t ask!” in a post he says, many people believe Drake looks like his friend and partner. Others argue it looks more like Freddie Mercury. What do you think?

Uncharted movie progression has been very mixed since we first heard about it in 2009. After losing six directors from Sony’s scheduled release date is December 2020 (later delayed again due to COVID-19), things went wrong. It didn’t look great for the project and at some point, it looked like he would start filming without a director. But in March, a seventh director arrived in the form of Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Venom).

In February, Holland said that the movie tells the origin story of the plays and he liked the script very much. If everything goes as planned, we can see it finally released in July 2021.

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