Next Update for Gears 5 Allows You to Reformat Marcus Fenix as Dave Bautista

Last summer, the internet was pushing former wrestler Dave Bautista to appear in the movie Gears of War. When Bautista said he tried everything on Twitter last year to get a place in the movie, it didn’t seem like that will happen, but an upcoming update will at least allow wrestler character Batista to star in Gears 5.

IGN spoke with Gears 5 developer The Coalition about the changes and improvements made in Gears 5 for the next-generation version. These changes sound great, including 120fps online PVP, 60fps cutscenes, a new game + mode, and faster load times. There will also be a feature that allows players to replace the original Marcus Fenix ​​model and voice with a digital Bautista.

This is not his first appearance in Gears 5. He was added to the game last year as a multiplayer appearance, in response to all fans asking him to appear in the movie. Now he replaces Marcus Fenix ​​in the campaign, assuming players have chosen this option. If you choose the option, you can play the whole game with the re-saved dialogue as Bautista.

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