NBA 2K21 Adds Non-Skippable Ads to Loading Screens

Ads that players cannot jump have been added to the loading screens of NBA 2K21. Stevivor reported that Oculus Quest 2 ads appeared on pre-game loading screens in NBA 2K21. The videos show that the loading screens are longer than the ads on PS4 and Xbox One, and there is no option to skip the ads until they finish showing. Even worse, NBA 2K21 allows you to edit your lineups by providing the option to interact while matches load, but even this option is not available while playing ads.

The ads have been approved on current generation consoles, but it is not yet clear whether it will appear in next-generation versions of the game coming in November. The move has caused controversy since its inclusion, not just because the game is still at full retail. EA recently tried something similar with UFC 4 and saw a decline in ad placements weeks after its launch. A fanbase caused the publisher to remove the ads from the game.

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