Ghost of Tsushima Co-Op Update is Live: How to Play?

The Legends update is now available for Ghost of Tsushima as a 9 GB download on PSN. In addition to downloading the 1.1 updates itself, you will also need to get the Legends DLC pack available for free on PlayStation Store. As mentioned below, you can access the fashion by talking to Gyozen or by selecting the new Legends option available on the main menu. Next, you will be given a short tutorial to teach you the basic mechanics of the game and remind you how to play it. It also guides you through the unique abilities of four playable classes. After testing each one, you’ll choose one to unlock as your starting class, and by playing, you’ll eventually be able to unlock access to the others. As with the campaign, you will gain new gear and be able to acquire new techniques to give you more options in battle. There are two- and four-player co-op modes and a raid for Legends is also on the way, but this will arrive sometime after launch.

According to Sucker Punch, the update started rolling out as of 8:00 PM PT / 11:00 ET yesterday. They expect the game to be available in all regions around the world within an hour of this time. For some regions, this will be quite late: For example, if you are in the AEST time zone, the clock will reach 1:00 am on October 17th.

Once the update has been downloaded, there are two ways to access the Legends co-op mode. You can either talk to the new in-game character Gyozen, who will be marked on your map, or select legends from the main menu. Performing any of these actions will install PlayStation Store where you can download a free DLC to activate this mod.

You can team up with your friends and choose from four available classes, so be sure to coordinate with some friends beforehand. This update will also add some new gear to Ghost of Tsushima, including a Charm that allows you to befriend the dogs, and the New Game + option.

Ghost of Tsushima won 7/10 in GameSpot’s single-player campaign review. It will receive a PS5 performance patch to further increase the frame rate. In a game based on precision and reaction times, this should make the game even more interesting.

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