Popularity Of Phasmophobia Is Increasing

Phasmophobia has hit the heights of the most-played games on Steam, and reached the top 5 most-played games on Twitch, although it’s been 4 weeks since it arrived on Steam Early Access.

Phasmophobia, which is a co-op hunting game that brings puzzle-solving and jumping scares together, attracted the attention of many streamers and YouTubers. According to Steam Lists, the game reached its all-time high with 70,195 in October, at the time of writing. And that record has been broken throughout the last week.

This accomplishment probably has an attachment to the popularity of the game in the Twitch. Phasmophobia has been the 5th most-watched game of last week, outpacing Fortnite, FIFA 21, and Counter-Strike last week, according to Twitch Tracker.

The game’s current price is $14 in the Early Access, and it is planned to be for full release in 2021.

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