PS5 Will Support Standard PC Size NVMe M.2 SSDs

It was confirmed in a recent Sony dismantling video that the PS5 will support up to 2280 M.2 SSDs. While we still don’t have all the details as to which of the best NVMe SSDs for PC would be a good fit for the next generation console, we can at least now confirm that it will support standard sizing.

NVMe SSD has multiple sizes, but most PC builders are familiar with only one: 2280. Smaller sizes such as the 2260 and 2240 are mostly used on compact laptops and are not regularly found on our chunky desktop computers.

Sony announced that the PS5 will feature expandable storage during its initial technical overview, but has since then advised users to purchase an NVMe SSD in preparation for the November 12 (or November 19 for some) release date.

It has long been thought that this is due to the size mismatch that the PS5 will support with the most common M.2 NVMe SSDs. However, the latest PS5 disassembly released by Sony confirms otherwise and clearly shows a single NVMe M.2 expansion slot with support up to 2280 and the most common switch (M.2 SSDs also come with different switches or connector configurations but you shouldn’t worry about that.)

While we have all the information we need right now on sizing, we still don’t know why Sony prefers you to wait to get your extra storage drives for the PS5. Sony uses a bespoke SSD controller chip for high bandwidth, so there may be a bit more work to do to get standard SSDs to their destination. And keep in mind that PCIe 4.0 bandwidth will most likely be part of this requirement.

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