Windows 10 Adds a Task Manager for Gaming

Windows 10 adds a Task Manager widget to Xbox Game Bar to help you manage your PC’s resources without leaving the game you’re playing.

The new ‘Resources’ widget allows you to monitor which programs are causing the most strain on your computer, evaluate why your in-game performance might cause glitches, and quickly close programs without leaving the tab. Besides, like the Task Manager application, you will be able to see how much load is on your CPU, RAM, DISK, GPU which means that you will not waste time with pressing alt-tab or CTRL+ALT+DELETE.

To gain access to this widget, you can enroll in the Game Bar – SDK Development app within the Xbox Insider Hub on Windows 10. Windows and Xbox users are allowed to preview the new features before the official releases of The Xbox Insider Hub. By clicking the ‘widgets’ hamburger symbol in the top bar after pressing Windows Key + G to initiate the overlay, you’ll be able to find the new Task Manager app after an update İf you choose the potentially less stable preview of the Xbox Game Bar. It has not announced when all users can access to the feature yet.

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