Rumor: Starfield images may have leaked

Starfield is Bethesda’s priority over The Elder Scrolls 6 but we haven’t seen how sci-fi RPGs will actually look except for a teaser that was shown at E3 in 2018. A trio image has emerged claiming to have been leaked from Starfield. One is an in-game image of an astronaut standing on a space station, another shows a close-up of a UI element from the first screenshot, and the third is a spaceship with some burn marks and wear and tear.

They seem to match the expected relatively realistic space front air. Also, the font in the UI matches the “watch teaser” and “sign up” buttons on the Starfield website. Rumors circulating right now include that these images came from a Starfield build in 2018 rather than a current one.

The UI includes a meter that measures oxygen and carbon dioxide, suggesting that there may be some survival elements. There is also a gravity meter. This is what is known about Starfield so far.

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