Warzone Streamer Revealed His Cheating Accidentally

A popular Call of Duty: Warzone player recently revealed himself as a cheater while he was on Twitch. MrGolds was speaking like one of the best players at the time and bragging about how skilled he is. “Have you ever seen anyone play like me?” MrGolds asked once. Of course, during those boastings, he was not aware that the aimbot program “EngineOwning” was open int he background. After a little while, he opened his eyes and saw the surprise.

Watch the vieo below:

Now, MrGolds’ account on Twitch is no longer active. But we do not know if he deleted it or it was deleted.

Since cheating has become a common occurrence recently, some games lie Valorant developed anti-cheat software so hard that it interfered programs out of the game, so some people started to stop playing.

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