A Group Of Fans of Lord Of The Rings Is Remaking The Battle For Middle Earth

In 2018, we first heard that a group of fans of Lord of the Rings was trying to remake the cult classic Battle for Middle Earth in Unreal Engine 4. Some people thought that this would be the last thing that they heard about the project, but this year we see a very comprehensive gameplay update and it looks so cool.
In the beginning of this century, EA had got the Lord of the Rings license, and two real-time strategy games in the Battle for Middle Erath series were released. With special new ideas and appropriate ways of implementing the license, they did well, but now the things have changed and even working on modern hardware is too hard.
That’s to say, this game doesn’t mean some fans giving an older game a face-lift only, there is more. If the players finish it, that means a new generation of players are allowed to enjoy a classic RTS; but if they don’t, then they are not because of the licensing process.
And here’s a video that shows how the remaking is going and how it will be.

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