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Cuphead and PS4 and DLC

Are we ready for the DLC, guys Especially Playstation people


You know Studio MDHR. These friends worked crazy for Cuphead and released the game on PS4. Of course, wasn’t the game on Xbox One There was. He posted updates to them to get the most out of it for free. The price of this game, which sits on this incredibly difficult war infrastructure, will be $ 20 on Playstation 4. Of course, the co-founder Moldenhauer, after publishing the game on Playstation, gave us the messages that we did for you – we did it cheaply. (Maybe I may have exaggerated a little.)

It is known that Delicious Last Course will come after the delay in the game which is expected to be on Netflix. There is no information that they will compensate for this delay. I think they won’t be embarrassed.

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