G4 TV Could Be Back In Some Form In 2021

We may see G4, a TV network which focuses on video games, in some form in 2021.

A teaser shown during the Comic-Con@Home on IGN Live mentioned indirectly that network may return. The teaser had a lot of references to the jokes that had been used in the network’s shows, such as Golden Mullet Award, Rot Gut and Sessler’s Soapbox. The teaser ended on the Pong, the game played not only at the beginning, but also at the end of its lifespan. But before this, the teaser shows the G4 logo, the tagline “We never stop playing” and the date 2021.

Whit this teaser, we don’t have an opinion about the future. The network’s twitter account has been reactivated. We can say that the network itself could be back but we are not sure about in which form it will come. We also know that the network stopped broadcasting in 2014.

G4 was established in April 24 in 2002, and continued broadcasting shows such as G4tv.com, Attack of the Show and X-Play. The network helped several figures to launch their careers, including Olivia Munn and Geoff Keighley.

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