New Cooperation : xCloud and Xbox Game Pass

According to the new informations shared by Microsoft; xCloud, game streaming service of Xbox, will be included in the Xbox Game Pass. It has been stated in the announcement that the Xbox Pass Ultimate owners will be able to reach xCloud without paying additional fee.

Microsoft, previously shared the information that the xCloud would be a part of Game Pass in this year, but it wasn’t clear when it would happen and which version of the Game Pass it would be added to. Whit this announcement, these questions have answers now.

With xCloud, the players are able to play their Xbox games on their tablets or mobile phones. Currently, as much as 50 games of xCloud, which are in trial phase, are available and this number will be increased to 100 in the periods coming. Thanks to this, the players will have the opportunity to play games such as Dragon, Age Inquisition, Destiny 2 and Halo on mobile.

When considering the features, it is plausible to subscribe to the Game Pass. But the Ultimate subscription is a bit more expensive. However; whit this, the players can reach the games both using Xbox and PC and when the games are released, players have the chance to play them on the same day.

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