Serious Sam 4 is Coming Soon

The trailer of the Serious Sam 4, the 4th game of the Serious Sam which we first saw in 2001, was published last night at the ‘Devolver Direct’ event. The developer studio verified that the release time of the game is August 2020.
The world game has witnessed man great games. But among these games, Serious Sam has a special place for the lovers. Because it is different from all other games.
Until now; Serious Sam, Serious Sam 2 and Serious Sam 3, the series which hosted three games with the name BFE, have been released by 6 different publishers. But the developer studio of the game has always been the Croteam and they released the trailer of the game.
The trailer’s length was only 73 seconds but even this video reminded us how much we miss the legend. Moreover, seeing the legend monsters and the weapons in the legend game again is very exciting.
The exact release date of the game is not clear. However, it is quite satisfying that the game has not been postponed due to the Covid-19, yet. Also, the shortage that we experience in the game world recently, will decline with release of this game.

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