Valorant’s First Magnificent Series Cosmetics Revealed

Riot Games introduced Valorant ‘s first Magnificent Series cosmetics. The new series, Dragon Fire, will be added to digital stores on July 10.

Valorant should be noted that these cosmetics are only in-game images. In other words, Dragon Fire will not have any effect in the game. Still, the costumes look pretty stylish in the published images.

The focus will be dragons in this set, which will come with its own animations. In the trailer we see Frenzy, Judge, Vandal and Dragon Fire cosmetics of Operator. The price of the new costumes, which look stunning in the magazine replacement and fragment animations, can also cause you to fire your mouth.

Even though the net price of the set has not been announced yet, the new cosmetics, called the Majestic Series, are expected to be “fever” expensive. According to the claims, the whole set will go on sale for 9900 VP.

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