New Forestist of League of Legends: Lillia

The new champion of League of Legends has appeared. Lillia, the dream of a magic tree in Ionia; She will have a “shy, clumsy and embarrassed” character. According to the statement released by Riot Games, our character has a solid connection with dreams. So much so that the developers define themselves as “the bravest champion we have ever designed”.

Lillia, which is a dream of a tree and attracts attention with its “deer” design, will play the role of a jungler. Naturally, the talent tree is shaped according to this role.
Dream Branch (Passive): Lilia’s abilities infuse targets with Dust, dealing magic damage equivalent to 5 percent of their maximum health for 3 seconds.
Blossoming (Q): Lillia’s ability hits provide Movement Speed ​​for 5 seconds. This effect can accumulate up to 5 times. (Passive)
Lillia turns the branch, dealing magic damage to enemies. Enemies outside the area take additional real damage. (Active)
Be careful! Light! (W): Lillia prepares for the big hit with her branch and deals magic damage to enemies. Enemies in the center of the area take extra damage.
Doner Seed (E): Lillia throws a seed that deals magic damage and slows hitting opponents. Returnsseeds continue until they hit a championship or obstacle if they miss the enemy.
Soundly Sound (R): Lilia makes all enemies that have been dreamed of Dream Dust numb for 1.5 seconds. Then the opponents sleep for 2 seconds. Enemies waking up by damage take extra damage when awakened.
Together we will see how efficient Lillia can be. What do you think about our new hero? Do not forget to share your ideas with us.

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