Another Postponement in The Game World

Recently, there is a new trend: The postponement of the games. It is not surprising that the games are being postponed one by one because of the COVID-19. But this is not the case. The case is that Ubisoft made such decisions before the pandemic, as well. The frustration that happen with the Breakpoint brought about postponement of the various games, especially The Watch Dogs Legion. And there is not any explanation about the releasing date of these games.
And now The Settlers joins this list. It was said that the game has been indefinitely postponed and it has some points that should be revised. It is claimed that the Ubisoft wants to represent a perfect gaming experience to the gamers, that’s why they decided to postpone the game until they reach the point that meets the quality standards.
In the new The Settlers game, besides traditional features, it is told that the new game mechanics ,like food system arrangements, will be added. While in the scenario mode of the game the new missions accompanies you, it will be offered single or co-op gaming experience together with multiplayer gaming modes.
So, when will we have the chance to experience these new addings? This question has no answer. Let’s see when these postponements will come to an end.

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