A New Game From The Spiders, The Developer of The GreedFall

We know French Spiders studio for making various action role games. The Greedfall, which was released last year, following mid-range games such as Of Orcs and Men, Mars: Bound by Flame, War Logs, The Technomaker, was a really good game. Of course there were points where it almost stopped and repeated because of economical conditions. However; besides representing a big world, it was telling a quite interesting story.
Nacon, which Spiders linked to, shared a picture on Twitter and declared that the Spider’s new game will be announced in 7th. July at NaconConnect. In picture, we see a hat used in GreedFall. Also, the dress has a part of “chain mail”. Therefore, people just started to think whether it is the GreedFall 2 or not.
But spiders has never repeated its games so far. On the other side, no other game of it has been as successful as GreedFall. the truth is that, people want to see another GreedFall thinking it has much more successful stories to tell.

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