What awaits the Playstation 4 and Xbox One Series After November?

Perhaps there are two events that have shaken the agenda of recent times and will be the biggest excitement in the game world. One is when Sony will get the Playstation 5 ready for sale: November 22. Another is Microsoft’s launch date for the Xbox X series: November 22, which is Thanksgiving Day. Aside from the existence of these excitements, it is also a question of what will happen to “old” machines. Do not be afraid, do not be afraid. Neither the Playstation 4 series nor the Xbox One series will immediately take their heads and go far.

New technologies or technological advances or updates cannot sweep everything at once. First, an adaptation is required. In this adaptation process, “old” technologies still remain in the “most valuable” position. So we won’t say “it’s all over” for Playstation 4 or Xbox One. If there is no problem with heart rhythm, pulse rate and physical movements ( 🙂 ), you will continue to use your machines like a “monster”. Of course, this “monstrous” can sometimes turn into “dragon fire”. You will have to be patient with him. Because still playing with those devices, etc. you will be able to perform transactions in a healthy way. Firms will support this.

In order to use these devices, which we define as “old”, in the most successful way, it is necessary to show certain meticulousnesses. The first thing you can think of when you say “antiques” is dust. To be able to use a smartphone that has not been used for a long time, from the simplest to the longest, you would expect it to go through a cleaning first. Dust brings heat with it. And of course “dragon fire” at that very moment. Now, together we will talk about how to maintain all the devices from “antiques” to “old”.

Let’s Clean the Dry

No one can rent a private mansion for a particular device. The game exists for pleasure, except when it is business. At this point, the importance of cleanliness becomes evident. Because we all know that you will not be charged a special cleaner for devices. So let’s search for the answer to the question of how to clean first. Water contact is not good for any device that uses electrical power.

Even if your watches have a waterproof feature, after a while, they may have trouble with that feature. Therefore, let’s clean our devices as dry as possible without using a wet cloth. Let’s not neglect to ventilate the room or location. Since there will be a lot of moisture accumulation in the place without ventilation, the cleaning issue with the wet cloth we have just talked about will happen automatically. Apart from this ventilation, you should use a similar method even if you cannot blow the dust placed inside the device with your breath. I hope that a vacuum cleaner that is not very powerful will do your job. Do not pull too much, do not disassemble the device. Beware of.

Natural Coolings

Do not keep your devices in combination with other electronic devices whenever possible. The place should always be separate and the surrounding should be open. This will also benefit the cleanliness we have stated in the above heading. If there are devices that love heat and heating, the biggest trouble for you will be “dragon fire” again and again. You can also use your own cooling methods. You can think of it as an engineer and cool your device without interfering with any hardware parts. But remember, pouring ice bag, ice or water like ice on your device will make your device unable to breathe again. Unfortunately, the service cannot intervene either. 🙂

Software Tracking

Every software developer, every company, every game and player can make mistakes. The best possibility here is the player’s mistake. It is somehow compensated. Don’t bother. But firms’ mistakes are also possible. These errors may not be detected by the companies’ own test team. You can forward them to you. The most important situation will be to follow software updates. This can be on a game basis, or on a device basis. Take care to be as up-to-date as possible.

Although Playstation 5 and Xbox X are released, look carefully at the Playstation 4 series and Xbox One series, which are like a “monster”, and play enjoyable games. 🙂

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