Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Are Being Investigated

Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo are being investigated by UK Government’s Competition and Markets Authority. CMA announced that these investigations will especially check for auto-renewal terms of Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online services on the account of the fact that they are “unfair”. According to CMA’s announcement, it will be a wide investigation that will seek answers for several questions.

One of the main concerns of CMA is to clarify if these companies’ business practices are legal such as auto-renewal contracts, cancellation and refund policies, and terms and conditions.

CMA has requested detailed information about online services from Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo to determine whether they are prepared as they should be. There are several main questions that CMA seeks answers:

  • Are the contract terms are fair?
  • How fair is the auto-renewal system?
  • How easy is it to cancel or obtain a refund?

You may find the details of the case issued by CMA. We will see what companies will face in consequence of litigation process.

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