Google Announced Stadia, The Next Level of Gaming

Today at Game Developer Conference, Google announced its first gaming platform Stadia which is also known as Project Yeti. At the first glance, Stadia seems to take the first step to alter the traditional console gaming era.

Google Stadia will allow players to stream from almost any device – PCs, TVs, iOS, Android and Windows and much more. It has not yet been confirmed that console games will be supported.

Stadia, at the first step, will support 4k at 60fps games, however, in the future it will also support 8k games. Stadia will have more GPU power than the total of PlayStation Pro and Xbox One X.

With one click, go right into the game! Google designed the platform in a way that you can press the “Play” button on the Youtube video and go directly to the game on the browser. There will be no box, Stadia will be the source and the data centre of your game.

Google will also enable players to use their own controllers or mouse and keyboard when playing with Stadia on any platform. But of course, Google will have its own controller designed to enhance the experience. Stadia Controller will have connection through Wi-Fi directly to the game on Google Data Center. Controller is designed to adopt the device or screen and link it with your game session running in the cloud. Controller will also have two special buttons. Capture button will allow you to save or share your gaming experiences on YouTube. The second button is Google Assistant button which allows you to access the built-in microphone to get help from the assistant for special in-game features.

Stadia will support Cross-platform play. Moreover, it will also bring game saves across the platforms.

Google will launch Stadia in 2019 and it will be released in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and most of the Europe.

The games will be playable on launch will be announced on summer 2019. We are excited to hear more from Google!

Here is the first trailer of Stadia. Enjoy!

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