PlayStation Plus Annual Membership is Now On Sale!

Sony decided to cut the price of PS Plus 12 month subscription by %25. From March 15th until March 26th, subscription will cost €44.99 instead of €59.99.

With PS Plus, you can get a lot of opportunities. Every month you will get free games that you can add to your library. This month you can find Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness for free if you have PlayStation Plus membership.

Even if Sony decided to cut off PS3 and PS Vita games from PS Plus, you will get 100GB of cloud storage that allows you to save your game data. So you won’t need to carry your Playstation to continue the game you started.

PS Plus also allows you to play online games. Most of the games on PS Store have multiplayer features and you will need PS Plus to access them.

You can also access to exclusive discounts with PS Plus. Over 800 games have discounts on PS Store and you will be able to access those discounts with PS Plus.

Now it is time to renew your membership before the offer ends.

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