Hunt: Showdown Update 3.0 and Lawson Delta Map are now on live servers

Crytek devs has recently announced that the Update 3.0 was on live servers. With this update, many changes have been made. Among these changes, there are a couple of other new things like the new Lawson Delta map and crucial movement changes.

One of the most important thing is probably the new map. This new map, which was live on test servers for a quite a while now, adds a new and unique taste to the game. It is huge, just like the first one, and it requires a different approach as it has many open fields and huge compounds in it. That means instead of focusing on close combat, you will most probably have to defend yourselves on longer ranges.

Another change is about the AD spam. You can no longer move your character faster when you’re aiming and moving sideways. This ensures that the combat is much more about positioning and getting behind a cover. I personally like this change more than anything (yes, more than the map itself) because now the game really feels more consistent and skill based. Instead of wishing for a luck head shot, now you actually have to be more careful when you’re aiming and moving.

There are many other changes coming with this patch. You can find the full patch notes on Hunt: Showdown’s Steam page.

So, enjoy your new map fellas and stay tuned for more!

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