CD Projekt RED starts a mysterious Twitch stream to tease something Cyberpunk 2077 related

CD Projekt RED teases something Cyberpunk 2077 related. The official CDPR Twitch channel has started broadcasting something pretty weird and intriguing. Druing Gamescom, the company had released a couple of concept art images and it was more than enough to make people get more and more excited about the upcoming title. And after that, we also learned that the core of the game was actually playable from the beginning until the end. Of course it still needs testings and it is not even close to the final product. But even the smallest spark of hope is enough for us.

Along with all these news, we now have something more mysterious and unclear than a couple of statements. The Twitch stream has started hours ago and it still continues. The video shows a mass of codes being written and so far, no information has been given. Many people think that it can be a hidden message whereas others think that it’s just to mess with people to stimulate even the smallest hype induced neurons in our brains. Whichever is the reason, it is effective.

We will take our time and try to understand what is going on right now. And after we have something else to say, we will, of course, share it with you guys.

So, stay hyped and stay tuned for more!

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