Create your own religion with Abbey Games’ new title Godhood

Today, Abbey Games has announced their new upcoming title, Godhood. Godhood lets you create your own religion and interact with your new followers as a newborn god.

Control over their disciples is only indirect, forcing players to choose their path to glory and power carefully; from ritual combat and the monuments their followers will build, to the virtues and vices they will believe in.

Well, it sounds charming, yet I’ve played one or two games like this and I sadly discovered that I would be a really wicked god. I can’t handle the responsibility and I am really bad at managing people. But, if you like to have control over thousands of living beings with their own personal problems, Godhood is what you need.

Here are the key features:

reate a religion. Players define what is important for their followers, selecting virtues and vices, and guiding them in how they must live and what rituals they should undertake. A few will rise to become powerful prophets who can help train future generations.

● Nurture and guide followers. Control of a player’s disciples can only be enacted from afar, but guiding the followers, deciding what rituals to enact or which monument to build, managing abilities and powers, will all be key to a prosperous society.

● Ritual Combat. Other deities and religions vie for power and influence, and players need to face rival gods and their followers in ritual combat. Known as ‘Sacraments’, player’s followers will need to prove their worth through the use of awe, persuasion or brute force.

● Colourful art style. Charming visuals with bright, hand-drawn-like qualities depict the new and unknown world of Godhood in a lush, isometric perspective.

 Replayability. Powered by a deep simulation system, Godhood allows players to experiment with dozens of different religious combinations unlocking new secrets as they progress along a main story line filled with battles, rituals and challenging side quests.

Godhood will be available in 2019 for PC. Stay tuned!

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