EA Access gets Dante’s Inferno as a free game for Xbox One

EA Access keeps getting bigger with new free games for their subscribers. EA now added Dante’s Inferno as a free game on EA Access for Xbox One.

The game was originally developed by Visceral Games (remember?) and it tells the story of Dante who follows a path through the circles of Hell. As a successful action game, this addition is probably one of the best ones that has been added to the EA Access free games list.

“Brave the 9 circles of Hell in this thrilling, action-packed take on a legendary classic. Control Dante and defeat demons and the damned on your crusade to save both your soul and that of your love, Beatrice. Explore atmospheric depths seething with horrifying detail. Satiate your wrath with furious combat and tame infernal beasts to unleash on your enemies. Absolve or punish and reap accursed souls to endow yourself with magical skills as you prepare to battle Lucifer himself.”

If you are interested in getting the EA Access Subscription and this free jewel for your Xbox One, you can check out the Dante’s Inferno EA Access website.

Stay tuned for more!

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