Resident Evil 4 HD mod is now live overhauling almost everything

Resident Evil 4 HD mod is now live guys and it changes a lot, offering a visual feast. The mod was on development for four years and at last we can take a look at it. this fan-made mod will surely surpass the Capcom made HD version which failed to satisfy the expectations of the fan base.

This project actually covers up almost every single texture that is available in the original game Moreover, it offers real-time lighting effects and flaming arrows. Although it replaces many textures in the game, it is still not a fully polished version. The modders are still working an a couple of areas and character-enemy modeling. However, it still is an impressive work. Here is a video for you guys to enjoy the new textures:

If you want more information about the mod, you can head over to the mod page and you can also download it from there.

So, enjoy your new textures fellas and stay tuned for more!

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