Fallout Shelter is now out for Nintendo Switch And PS4

Fallout Shelter, simulation video game by Bethesda Game Studios and Behaviour Interactive, is now available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

In Fallout Shelter, we get to build and manage our own Vault as an Overseer. The main idea is to keep citizens of the vault happy and satisfied. We guide our citizens inside the vault, we satisfy their needs such as food, water and power.

We also rescue dwellers from the wasteland and assign them to different tasks in our vault. Fallout Shelter also uses SPECIAL statics system. Every character has a SPECIAL profile and every chracter can level up in time. Oh and, they can make babies.

The vault can be improved by adding new rooms which will produce different items or stat bonuses. But, remember that your vault always must be balanced.

During E3 2018, Bethesda announced that Fallout Shelter will be coming for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. Not long after, the game is available for both.

Stay tuned!

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