Evolve dedicated servers and the free-to-play version will be shut down on September

Evolve, a multiplayer 4v1 competitive co-op game which was the main excitement reason for many gamers when it was released on 2015 is going to close a couple of important doors to its players. Since the first day it was released the game struggled to maintain a player base and in two years it lost a big part of its active fans. No matter what, it had a huge potential but somehow it failed to be a success. First, the developer team, Turtle Rock Studios stopped the support and then recently the publisher 2K games has announced that they will close the free-to-play branch and the dedicated servers for the game.

However, this bad news doesn’t mean that the game will be entirely dead after September. You will still be able to use a couple of main features of the game such as Quick Play and other matches but you will have to use P2P matchmaking of the original Legacy Evolve. You will also keep everything you paid for like skins, DLCs etc. But there will be no more ranked games, leader boards and anything actually ‘online’ related. Also, you can always continue playing against AI opponent.

It is sad news indeed. We always feel bad about a game with huge potential dying out just because of undeserved steps. Evolve will always live in our hearts and in the deep places of our HDD.

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